Once Ruben discovered that truth does not organize herself in a linear fashion, he began to search for her in the continuous line that is circular motion. Mysteriously, in the instant that the fully resolved form appears on his lathe, a piece of truth is encapsulated. It remains in the work itself. Which, from that moment onward will lead a life of its own. A life with its new owner, wherever they may journey.

Why did Ruben start turning wood? He cannot provide an exact answer. Once the introduction had been made it happened by gut feeling. Maybe it was the direct contact with the material, the immediacy of creating a form in the current moment, the unending expression of the circle, or the vitality behind its propulsion... Certainly, the excitement that is distilled by focused attention as the sharp edge of the gouge is introduced to the fast spinning wood must play a role too.

After the tools remove what is not necessary, what remains are round forms, in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Sculptures with a minimal and yet powerful appearances. Whether painted or left natural, every piece made from a single piece of wood. All born from a search for truth.

Shortly said: Ruben van der Scheer is fascinated by the power and never-ending nature of the circle. Made using a lathe, his minimalistic objects invite the viewer to touch and caress. At the same time, his designs may evoke contemplation. In this way, Ruben’s forms nullify the biases of craft and art.



Sept: Glue, Amsterdam

Juli – sept: duo exposition with Maartje van den Noort @ katoendrukkerij/ de Volmolen, Amersfoort

0000 Vertrekpunt nul, II
, contemporay minimalism. Group exposition, Ravenstein

Object, On the cutting edge of design art, fashion, architecture and crafts, Rotterdam

2022, longing for Donald Judd. Museum Icoon. Group expostion, Hoek van Holland

0000 Vertrekpunt nul, contemporay minimalism. Group exposition at De Ploegh, Amersfoort

Duo exposition with Maartje van den Noort. Amersfoort

Vreemde gasten. Bianual art manifestation. Amersfoort

Maison et Objet. Participating with European Craft Council. Paris

Art[s]Gallery Simone Jansen, group exposition. Noordwijk.

Object, On the cutting edge of design art, fashion, architecture  and crafts, Rotterdam

Winter fatigue, group exhibition, Het Archief, Rotterdam

Oog in oog met Klimt, Object made in collaboration with Bas van Beek, Van Abbe Museum, Eindhoven

De zielenroerselen van de kunstenaar, group exhibition, Rietveldpaviljoen, Amersfoort

75 jaar de Ploegh, group exhibition, gallery de Ploegh, Amersfoort

HOW&WOW linen, group exhibition, Craft Council Nederland, Dutch Design Week, Eindhoven

The tiny art gallery the hague, group exhibition, Den Haag

Presentation of work, gallery Oode, Amsterdam

Shop window presentation, Restored, Amsterdam

HOW&WOW, group exhibition, Craft Council Nederland, Dutch Design Week, Eindhoven

25 x 25 x 25, group exhibition, Mondriaanhuis, Amersfoort

Exhibitor at Houtfort, Vormgevers in Hout, Bunnik

Wintersalon, group exhibition, gallery de Ploegh, Amersfoort

Hergebruik, group exhibition, gallery de Ploegh, Amersfoort

Speculatief Design Archief, Presented work with Maria van Kesteren, Het Nieuwe Instituut, Rotterdam

Wintersalon, group exhibition, gallery de Ploegh, Amersfoort

Nieuwe leden tentoonstelling, group exhibition, gallery de Ploegh, Amersfoort

Shop window presentation, Restored, Amsterdam

Live demo and presentation, Showup, Vijfhuizen

Exhibitor, Temporary Art Centre (TAC), Dutch Design Week 2014

1boom expositie, group exhibition, Middachten

Presentation of work, gallery Oode, Amsterdam

Cheek chair in group exhibition at VT wonen beurs, Amsterdam


You’ve got mail, Interview mbt Post(c)art, Elle Decoration NL, nr 3 2023, p68

Cyclus van het leven in cirkelvormige objecten, AD regio Amersfoort, 1 april 2023, p15

Post(c)art in Volkskrant Magazine. 26 nov. 2022, p 45

Kunst: Ruben van der Scheer, LFK magazine, edition 15, p124-135

Ruben van der Scheer exposeert in Mondriaanhuis, De Stad Amersfoort

Kunstenaarsgesprek, KM magazine, uitgeverij De Doelenpers, Alkmaar, summer 2019

Artikel/ interview in 1boom boek p.160-163, Stichting Vormgeving in Hout, uitgeverij Blauwdruk, 2014

Longboard, Rubriek MOOI, Volkskrant Magazine, august 2014

Door table in VT wonen magazine, april 2013

Ontwerp Talent, VT wonen magazine, march 2013


1999 - 2003
Master of Science, Science of human movement, Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam

2008 - 2009
Master of Arts, Philosophy, Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam

2010 - 2012
Cabinet maker, Hout- en Meubileringsollege, Amsterdam

Courses and schooling

A diversity of courses: Group dynamics, Schema Focused therapy, Mentalisation Based Therapy, Impro Theatre, intervision and supervision.

Mentoring by Maria van Kesteren; With a focus on form, design, woodturning, being an artist etc.

Courses in woodturning, Christiaan Jorg, Utrecht and with Ronald Kanne, Wehl

Crafting Business, 8 days on entrepreneurship for makers, Crafts Council Nederland (CCNL)

And further

Artist at Post Modern Collection gallery, Amstelveen

Balloting committee, Artists union de Ploegh

Anonimous auction, Dead Darlings, NHI, Rotterdam

2018 – 2019
Internal exposition committee, gallery de Ploegh.

Flash in the pan, Dead Darlings auction, Amsterdam

Member at national artist union de Ploegh, Amersfoort

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